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OEM Auto Parts Plus YouTube & 1984

There is an endless amount of topics to write about on the OEM Auto Parts Plus blog especially with 39 brands being part of the business model.  The business launched in May, and here’s a sample of our recent posts.  We showcased their presence on YouTube, and we highlighted the year 1984. This is the…

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The Conversation People: Don’t Hit Send

Recently, The Conversation People promoted their Don’t Hit Send email training session.  They did so with this press release.  Following a training session with an auto dealership in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, this blog was created to recap the day’s events.  I created the press release and the blog. Please forward this post…

OEM Auto Parts Plus

The Story Behind the VIN

What is The Story Behind the VIN?  Come on, you know you have wondered the significance of the VIN!  If you haven’t, maybe this blog post will pique your interest.  This post was a recent addition to the OEM Auto Parts Plus blog.

OEM Auto Parts Plus

First Time OEM Auto Parts Plus Customer

OEM Auto Parts Plus launched in early May.  Since then, I have created a couple blog posts for this rising business.  This is for the First Time OEM Auto Parts Plus Customer.  This blog post takes you through the easy steps of purchasing auto parts on this unique website.  OEM Auto Parts Plus is for the…

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Indoor Air in the Great Outdoors

There are many benefits to using PrOzone Professionals.  One of them is for Indoor Air in the Great Outdoors.  You read that correctly.  Specifically, that blog post that I created for PrOzone Professionals pertains to helping boat owners with their cabin air.  Enjoy boating season!