The Passion

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a baseball area. I would say it’s a baseball town, but you have to experience the area to know it’s not a town…it’s an area. A huge metroplex. There are five or six million people live here. Huge. And, it’s a baseball town. I mean, area. Why?

When I arrived here for the 2010 season from Chicago, I was told that no one will care about the Rangers after the all-star break. If they do, they will care about them until the Dallas Cowboys begin training camp. If they care about them in training camp, then they won’t care about the Rangers when they allegedly tank it in September.

I would just grin and bear these remarks. What else can you do?!? I was coming from Chicago where there’s passion for baseball that exists because the White Sox cured 88 years of angst with their World Series winner in 2005 and where Cubs fans are sold on hope. There’s a care for baseball year-round in Chicago. Here in Texas, I was curious to see what would happen to the fan base if they would win.

They did. As we know, they are the 2-time American League champions. Based on the conversations I have with fans on radio shows, at my children’s schools, the grocery store, the gym, bars, restaurants, playgrounds, etc., everyone wants to talk Rangers. When I drop my girls off at school, so many of their classmates and children in the school are wearing Rangers apparel. Everywhere I go in the Metroplex, people are wearing Rangers gear. I don’t see very much Cowboys, Mavs or Stars shirts, jerseys or hats.

There is a genuine interest on a year-round basis for the Rangers. I have had full phone lines on my April radio postgame shows after every game. Full phone lines! Fans want to talk about these games, and every aspect of these games. This is the best time to be a Rangers fan. The bandwagon stops by your neighborhood on Wednesday at 5:30 pm when Rangers Baseball Tonight begins on the Texas Rangers ESPN Radio Network and ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM in the Metroplex. There are still plenty of seats and each seat comes with a healthy dose of baseball passion.

When you get to broadcast winning baseball and there are passionate fans, then you are immersed in The Cool Factor.


Thoughts? Questions?

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