The Road

It’s safe to say that every time a friend or relative ask me if I will be with the Rangers on a road trip, I wish that I could be in that city. I don’t wish to be away from my family, but it’s just that I would like to visit with friends or family, and I wonder what life on the road would be like on a frequent basis in Major League Baseball. Maybe one day, I will experience that.

Until then, I love the fact that I take my girls to school in the morning, and I can pick them up before going to the radio studio for these road games. I love seeing my wife every day. I live maybe 15 minutes from the radio station, and I usually get there by 4 pm for a 5:30 pregame show. One day, I might pull the curtain back and give you an inside look on producing our pregame show. I probably will…one day.

Anyway, back to the road. This is my third season with the Rangers. My travel schedule has consisted of filling in on the play-by-play/color and traveling for pre/post in the playoffs and World Series.

Most of the cities I traveled to in the minor leagues, I never had friends or relatives in those cities. The lone exception was Fort Wayne, Indiana when I was in the Midwest League in 1998 and my cousin Norman took Amy and me to a steak joint where the wait staff knew his name. My aunt, uncle and cousin did travel to meet me in Wilmington, Delaware once when I was in the Carolina League, but they lived in the Philadelphia area. That’s it for the minors.

In MLB, I have traveled in the regular season to Seattle (where my older brother’s family lives) and to Anaheim (where my younger brother lives). I’ve been to Chicago and its northern suburb of Milwaukee where I visited with family in both locations. Tampa for regular season and playoffs has been where I have met up with friends from the Miami days. Oakland/San Francisco is where I have met with friends. New York is where I get to see my cousins. St. Louis? That’s where I met interesting people from Texas (maybe a future blog). Detroit? All business there.

I don’t decide which trips I am on. My superiors make the call. I wish I could have seen a friend in Baltimore on this trip. One day, I hope to make it to Toronto, also on this trip, where I have a lot of family. I have friends and family in most MLB cities, and I would love to visit them all.

However, I’m cool with heading to the studio 10 times in this 11-day stretch because I could see my daughter Kyra score her only goal in soccer on the final day of the season or have my youngest daughter Maya suction cup herself to me because all of a sudden she has that random attached moment of not wanting me to leave her at school. Traveling on the MLB road is quite the experience, but time spent with my daughters helps define The Cool Factor.


Thoughts? Questions?

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