A Random Round of Golf

This is random, but most blog posts are random. On Tuesday, I read that former major league outfielder Daryl Boston will be the White Sox new first base coach. Sure, I was a fan of him when he played for the White Sox during my childhood, but I have a memory of him when I was working in Myrtle Beach.

In MB, team personnel from the Atlanta Braves and other affiliated ballclubs in that league would make sure that MB was a stop for them when checking out their Carolina League team. MB was also a stop because of the golf, and my fellow front office peeps and I were always willing to play a round or two.

On this particular day in the 2000 season at Myrtlewood Golf Club, I played on a foursome that included Boston who, at the time, was an instructor in the White Sox system. Gary Pettis was also in that foursome. The five-time Gold Glove outfielder was also an instructor in the Sox organization. The other foursome in our group that day included current Braves general manager Frank Wren.

Fun times were had at Myrtlewood that day. If I recall correctly, it cost only $20 for 18 including a cart. That was the ceiling on what we were willing to pay for golf on our minor league salaries. When I say “we,” I am referring to my fellow front office staffers—not the former Big Leaguers and MLB execs.

That day, I recall Pettis telling us that he was ready to coach in the majors and that the next season he would not be coming back for a visit to MB. Sure enough, he spent the next two seasons with the White Sox major league team, followed by two seasons on the Mets staff, a brief two-season detour as a triple-A hitting coach and then has been with the Rangers big club as a coach since 2007.

When a coach you played golf with 12 years ago gets a major league coaching job, the randomness of the story fits The Cool Factor?


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