When Play-by-Play was Brewed

Over the past couple of days while the Texas Rangers played their games in Milwaukee, I thought about the last time I was in Milwaukee. It was in June of 2010, and it was my first full MLB series of handling play-by-play and color commentary with the great Eric Nadel.

Dave Barnett who regularly worked with Nadel stayed in Texas that weekend for a family event. This trip was my maiden voyage on the limousine in the sky—the Rangers team charter. That meant it was my first experience of a first class-plus menu on the airplane. After landing and a short taxi, we walked down the steps of the airplane to the tarmac where busses were waiting to take us to the Pfister Hotel.

I did not have to worry about my suitcase since I placed it outside the home clubhouse in Arlington. It magically appeared at my room in the Pfister.

Three games made up this series, and the Rangers won two of three. Rich Harden lost to Chris Narveson in the first game. Scott Feldman beat Manny Parra in the second game, and Colby Lewis out-pitched Yovani Gallardo in the third game.

Ryan Braun and I had good talk before the first game of the series. Of course, we are both alumni of the University of Miami. When I wanted to get him for a pregame interview over the next couple days, he declined. Alex Rodriguez agreed to an interview request of mine when the Yankees came to town last year—just thought I should mention that. I’m not bitter.

Just the experience of broadcasting Major League Baseball play-by-play is The Cool Factor.


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