A World Series Walk

Before the Rangers began their series against the Cardinals in St. Louis, I sent Eric Nadel a text message of encouragement.

“Have a good call tonight. I’m sure the memories are flooding your mind.”

The longtime radio Voice of the Rangers replied, “Yeah. Different booth. Thank goodness.”

I always enjoy a positive spin. For clarification, the different booth he is referring to is a different visiting radio booth.  This was the Rangers first visit to St. Louis since losing the 2011 World Series in seven games with the last two games in St. Louis. Everyone remembers Game Six when the Rangers were a strike away from winning it all.

Part of my responsibilities hosting the radio postgame show for the Texas Rangers ESPN Radio Network at the time was being on the field for what we called the “walk-off interview.” That’s simply when the Rangers won, I would get the first interview when they were walking off the field.

Late in Game Six, I was watching the game from the walkway behind home plate and listening to Eric and Steve Busby on headset. The media rep from Major League Baseball gave the instructions for when/if the Rangers won. For every other postseason game, our radio network had third choice on interview choice behind FOX TV and ESPN Radio nationally.

A World Series clincher was different. I was the given the instruction of walking up the first base line and pulling players off the dog-pile to get on the radio for interviews. As history states, that never happened. With the final out, I made the walk back to the radio booth at Busch Stadium to host the postgame show and without having that walk-off interview.

I haven’t watched the full highlight reel of that sixth game since that World Series. Oddly enough, I have not unwrapped the 2005 World Series White Sox DVD when I was the radio pre/postgame show host of the World Series winning White Sox. One day, I will watch the highlights of both.

There’s a Cool Factor in having witnessed sports history, but this was an uncool way to end the 2011 season


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