A Drive with Dallas Cowboys OL Tyron Smith

Earlier this week, I spent time in the radio production studio recording the November radio commercials for Meador Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. I’ve been working with Meador for several years. One of the enjoyable aspects is keeping the content fresh in their spots.

My radio role for Meador is to create compelling 30-second and 15-second spots each month, and these spotswill air on The Fan 105.3 FM in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Not only do I create the script, I voice part of the spots. Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Tyron Smith plays a significant role in these Meador spots, too.

I write his part, and he voiced his part before training camp. I created his liners in advance so that he would not need to worry about it during the football season. I had him record half dozen liners that I felt would help tell the Meador story, blend Meador and football, and include his on-field persona.

For example, the listener needs to know who is talking and he needs to identify whom he represents. Each spot opens with, “I’m offensive lineman Tyron Smith for Meador Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.” Then, he reads one of the liners I created for him such as September’s read, “I want you to experience a game winning drive.” For that particular spot, I continued with the story detailing how the consumer wins when they drive off the lot with a great deal during the Jeep Celebration.

photo-133We end every 30-second spot with this tag from Tyron, “don’t get sacked on your next car purchase. Let my friends at Meador Auto Group take care of you.” The guys in production at CBS Radio are exceptionally talented and a pleasure to work with each time.

This month’s spot features Tyron saying, “Everyone loves a winner. I’m a fan of the 2013 Ram 1500.” Listen to the spot to find out why he’s a fan. Click here. I also write the blog for Meador.  There are a couple new posts coming soon.

If your business needs a copywriter/blogger, contact me. It’s a pleasure defining Meador’s Cool Factor.


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