Get To Know Dr. Paul Mann

(On October 7, 2014, I created this blog post for Mann Eye Institute in Houston and Austin.)

Dr. Paul Mann knew he was going to be working in medicine, but he didn’t see the light of inspiration on a specialization until he became a patient of his dad, Dr. Mike Mann.

“I became very interested in Ophthalmology while in medical school. I thought I would become an Ophthalmologist and then sub-specialize in a different area of Ophthalmology (i.e., Oculoplastics or Retina) than my father. That all changed when my dad performed LASIK on me right before my graduation,” Dr. Paul Mann recalled. “I went from not being able to read the alarm clock in the morning to better than 20/20 vision. That is when I knew I would become a refractive surgeon.”

Dr. Paul Mann joined his dad in 2004, and he has since performed more than 20,000 LASIK procedures. In that time, he has heard all the reasons why someone wants LASIK or why one might be hesitant.

“Fear is the number one concern that I hear from my patients when deciding to go forward with LASIK. It is human nature to be fearful of eye surgery,” Dr. Paul Mann sympathized. “LASIK is a very safe and life changing procedure for patients who are ideal candidates.”

Not only does Dr. Paul Mann know from personal experience, but he had approximately 15 years of education prior to his tenure at Mann Eye Institute and Laser Center. After four years as an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, Dr. Paul Mann studied four years at University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Then, Dr. Paul Mann had a one-year internship and a three-year residency at the John A. Moran Eye Center of the University of Utah as well as a one-year fellowship at Clinical Fellow of Refractive and Corneal Surgery at the Pepose Vision Institute in Missouri. Dr. Paul Mann also received an MBA from Rice University while attending medical school which added an additional two years of schooling.

Then, there’s the unofficial degree that one gets from a lifetime of observing Dr. Mike Mann.

“There are many positive character traits to describe my dad, but the best way to portray him is his level of energy, motivation and passion for excellence in all of his endeavors,” Dr. Paul Mann said.


Dr. Paul Mann shares his ophthalmological skills and knowledge with a Houston-area non-profit organization that provides eye care for people in Belize, American Samoa and Fiji.

“I have always enjoyed missionary work, and I attended several trips to Bolivia and Belize. When Benevolent Missionaries International was in need of a president, they offered it to me, and I accepted without hesitation. I typically make one or two trips per year with BMI.”

Outside of practicing medicine, Dr. Paul Mann is an avid hunter who shoots pheasant in South Dakota and quail in South Texas. He’s also a huge fan of “everything UVA,” and he likes UT football as well as Rice football and baseball. Dr. Paul Mann loves the Houston Texans, but he still misses the Oilers.

Whether you have the opportunity to visit with Dr. Paul Mann, his dad, or any of the excellent doctors on the Mann Eye team, Dr. Paul points out the patient experience at the Mann Eye office in Houston and each of the nine locations.

“The people at Mann Eye Institute set us apart from others. Their compassion and willingness to go the extra mile to provide exceptional patient care is extraordinary and is practiced on a daily basis.”

For more information on Blade-Free LASIK, click here.  To find a location near you, click here.


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