Kinsler is a Conversation Maker

Ian Kinsler is a conversation maker.  I think that’s why I’m a fan of his, but it wasn’t always like that.  Kinsler conversations come to mind because of his current visit to Texas with the Detroit Tigers.  I’m a couple seasons removed from being on the Rangers radio broadcasts, but I remember my first regular…

Our Automotive Industry Opening Day

OEM Auto Parts Plus is coming soon.  For this start-up, here’s an update.  Share the news with your friends in the automotive industry or any friends at all.  This business is for the do-it-yourself auto mechanic and for the body shop owner that works on your vehicle.  I’m working with OEM Auto Parts Plus on…

Conversation People Press Release

The Conversation People develop your communication skills to create greater success and satisfaction in the workplace and/or at home.  They have a training session coming up in the middle of April.  Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, in sales, business development, a company executive or a business coach, this is for you.  Read the recent…

Conversation People: Shark Tank Conversation

  The Conversation People: Kim Jaggard and I visited with Rick Hopper this past week at a networking event.  His invention was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Read more. I am working with The Conversation People as their Conversation Starter.  What does that mean?  Ask me:

“Silver Lining” featuring Bryan Dolgin

In late January, I was one of seven who shared a true life tale in the Oral Fixation production at Hamon Hall inside the Winspear Opera House in Dallas.  For those who were not among the 225 or so in attendance that night, here is the true life tale about my career as a sportscaster: