Press Release: The Conversation People

The Conversation People specialize in results based conversations and communications.  In addition to their unique and effective services, The Conversation People now offer assessment tools for business.  Read this press release that was distributed today (April 17).

My Conversation with Hank Aaron

I will never forget my first, and only, conversation with Hank Aaron. In my opinion and the opinion of many others, Aaron is Major League Baseball’s home run king. On April 8, 1974, Aaron hit his 715th career home run breaking Babe Ruth’s record. It was (and still is) an incredible accomplishment. My memorable moment…

Conversation People Press Release

The Conversation People develop your communication skills to create greater success and satisfaction in the workplace and/or at home.  They have a training session coming up in the middle of April.  Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, in sales, business development, a company executive or a business coach, this is for you.  Read the recent…

Conversation People: Shark Tank Conversation

  The Conversation People: Kim Jaggard and I visited with Rick Hopper this past week at a networking event.  His invention was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.  Read more. I am working with The Conversation People as their Conversation Starter.  What does that mean?  Ask me:

Conversation People Press Release & Blog

Conversation People Press Release & Blog The Conversation People now post their press releases on the blog of their website.  I recently created, posted and distributed this press release.  The press release topic just might apply to your business.  I am the Conversation Starter for the Conversation People.  Perhaps, there needs to be a conversation.