The World Cup of the Automotive Industry

The World Cup has arrived, and OEM Auto Parts Plus has biased predictions.  Since 38 of the 39 automobile brands on the OEM Auto Parts Plus website come from countries participating in this year’s World Cup, we thought it was fitting to share with you where these brands originate from around the globe. Enjoy this…

OEM Auto Parts Plus YouTube & 1984

There is an endless amount of topics to write about on the OEM Auto Parts Plus blog especially with 39 brands being part of the business model.  The business launched in May, and here’s a sample of our recent posts.  We showcased their presence on YouTube, and we highlighted the year 1984. This is the…

The Story Behind the VIN

What is The Story Behind the VIN?  Come on, you know you have wondered the significance of the VIN!  If you haven’t, maybe this blog post will pique your interest.  This post was a recent addition to the OEM Auto Parts Plus blog.

Press Release: Automotive Industry Has a New OEM Auto Parts Site

OEM Auto Parts Plus has officially launched, and this is the press release that will tell you all about it.  Since January, I have been setting up their social media and directing their media relations efforts.  There’s a lot of hard work that has gone into making this business happen.  This press release gives you…

Blog: Revving Up the Automotive Search Engine

It’s almost time to launch the business/website for OEM Auto Parts Plus.  The final testing stage is happening now.  Information about the upcoming launch as well as social media promotions are explained in this recent blog post: Revving Up the Automotive Search Engine