Conversation People Press Release

The Conversation People develop your communication skills to create greater success and satisfaction in the workplace and/or at home.  They have a training session coming up in the middle of April.  Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, in sales, business development, a company executive or a business coach, this is for you.  Read the recent…

Press Release for the Conversation People

This is a press release I created and distributed this past week for the Conversation People.  Their next training session is for those who work in sales, business development and as business coaches.  Read the press release and reserve your spot.  Click on the logo.

Conversation People Press Release & Blog

Conversation People Press Release & Blog The Conversation People now post their press releases on the blog of their website.  I recently created, posted and distributed this press release.  The press release topic just might apply to your business.  I am the Conversation Starter for the Conversation People.  Perhaps, there needs to be a conversation.